accountants for salon owners

Who You Are

You are the owner of an independent salon or barbershop.

So are ALL of our Clients!
and they are based
all over the UK
Our Clients love what we do because:

we take a load of things off their hands,
and off their minds,
we provide them with great advice,
save them money,
and keep them in control.

Many of our Clients already had an accountant

but felt they weren’t getting value for money,
or their accountant didn’t understand the hair & beauty industry,
or just wasn’t pro-actively helping them.
They soon see the difference when they move to us!

Moving to us is easy

We talk to your old accountant for you,
getting all the information we need from them
so you can continue seamlessly!

Our on-boarding process is slick
and we’ll have you up and running really quickly!


“These guys have been a huge help to me over the last 16 Months. Nice to know someone has your back in business.”
Dougie, Owner of Barbarossa Barber


“I wish I’d known about Salonfrog a year ago!”
Lorna, Owner of Coco Beautique


Welcome to salonfrog
we are your accountant

What we do for you

“You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything”
Have staff?

We take the payroll admin off your hands

Have contractors (chair renters)?

We’ll help sort out your invoicing and accounting; and keep you on the right side of HMRC

Our clients are all over the UK and they talk to us when they need to.


Simply tailor the package you need from our menu of services

then pay a fixed amount each month, which you can change or cancel whenever you want.

Every Client starts with our Core Service Pack – business, then adds additional bolt-on services, if and when required:

Core Service Pack For Business: £225* per month

Designed exclusively for Salon and Barbershop owners, our Core Service Pack For Business covers all the fundamental requirements you need:

Advice & Support (whenever you need it)
Your HMRC Agent (we talk to HMRC so you don’t have to)
Business advice
Business Tax Advice
Your book-keeping & Monthly Performance Pack
All submissions | Your accounts, tax returns, annual returns to HMRC & Companies House
We’ll be with you all the way!

Who We Are

Sarah-Jane Edwards founder of salonfrog has been an accountant for more than 20 years; working with businesses both large and small.

Sj (as she’s known) is a whizz at all things HMRC and enjoys dialling into their regular webinar updates; also having regular phone contact with them. She’s also a pedantic stickler for detail!

Sj has had a love of fashion since she was very young and in her free time still designs some of her own clothes!

“The people who work in the hair and beauty industry are fascinating. It’s an industry where I feel I can make a BIG difference to a Salon Owner’s life with the services we offer.”

Andrew Barraclough has been a chartered accountant for more than 20 years, working in London, Leeds and Edinburgh.

Andrew loves tax and technology and can often be found lost in one of his tax magazines!

In his free time, Andrew practices Yoga and fermenting (Kombucha anyone?). Sj jokes that despite this, Andrew creaks a bit more now than he used to! 🙂

“Running a salon business is tough. We know that. What we set out to do is take a load of things off the Salon Owner’s hands, so they can get on with doing what they do best. It ends up being a really powerful partnership.”

Other than Sj and Andrew, there are also a number of other people behind the scenes in Salonfrog, including our book-keepers and payroll.

“Although we’re based in Edinburgh, our Clients can be based anywhere in the UK because we use cutting edge apps and software.

Having said that, our values are traditional, the level of service we offer is really important to us
and we like to talk with our clients whenever we can!



Always happy to hear from you whether a Client or not!

email us:

call us:
0131 341 4250

Arrange a 15 minute call:

where we can chat through how we could help you. No pressure, no sales, just good to talk.
Choose a time that suits you:

Salonfrog Ltd is a company registered in London, England, and operates from its Edinburgh HQ: 64a Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6RE

Our Clients are all over the UK